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    The S.A.Q. Blog was founded in June of 2016. The purpose of the S.A.Q. Blog is to provide the many “kinksters” of Secondlife with a blog that caters to them. We sympathize with all alternative life-stylers on the grid that spend their precious Linden dollars each year to try new things out for the first time often without a ‘beta tester’ for them. This method costs consumers a lot of time and money thus leading to frustration. We are thrilled about our new endeavor and eager to share it with the masses. We are patient but awaiting the day when every kinkster in Secondlife has the name S.A.Q. on their…

  • Welcome

    The House of Lennox is a private house owned by Sir Tahj Lennox, (quincy.toxx) which focuses on the Dominant and submissive dynamics of the BDSM lifestyle.

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