Sub & Slave Training Online Basics

Article by Sir S.G.
I was asked a few years ago about grammar and behavioral training for new subs/slaves or what were the basics in language of online training for beginners? I prepared this as a blueprint. While these are totally up to your Dominant whether or not it suits Them or that household, here are a few basic things a new sub or slave in training may be encouraged to learn. Keep in mind these are for trainees under a Dominant, not free persons rules. – Sir S.G.

Speech & Grammar Protocols

  • 1. A submissive never capitalizes another known submissive’s name.
  • 1A. If you encounter a person that you are not sure of their status or role in the BDSM Community by default you should capitalize their names or use Sir or Ma’am when addressing. Another way to avoid any mishaps is to simply ask first before addressing them. “How would You prefer to be addressed?”
  • 1B. When typing text by default all Doms names should be capitalized.
  • 1C. when speaking to both Doms and subservient persons together at the same time or in a group you should use a slash — For example. “Good morning E/everyone….” Y/you, W/we, U/us etc. (The uppercase letters represents the Dominants from the lowercased (submissives) present in the conversation.
  • 1D. A slave will usually speak in third person. However some Dominants prefer their submissive to do it also, while other Dominants do not require this speech alteration at all. ex: “may [this girl] go to the supermarket later to buy a few things Sir?” Other word replacements are this girl, this slave, his, him, he, her, she, etc. but should always be lower-cased when speaking in third person.

Dress code

  • 2A. When in training, a submissive’s Dominant may not allow them to wear shoes, jewelry, or tattoos of any kind until it is earned little by little as the submissive makes good progress in her training. This is to remove sense of self and “diva mentality” and focus purely on being of service to your Dominant. The submissive is taught not to overdress or to wear nothing when alone and in the presence of their Dominant.
  • 2B. a submissive’s collar should always be on their throat and never removed without permission. Few but some Dominant’s may allow a submissive to have their collar hidden. However in most cases a Dominant likes to have easy access to the collar at all times. This means wearing jewelry/hairs that reveal the collar so that it is easily clicked on.

Greetings & Behavior

  • 3A. When logging in for the first time that day or seeing your Owner log in a submissive is required to give a descriptive greeting (detailed sensual emote) to their Dom before being able to interact with them in general conversation. This task is performed usually once a day and after it’s done the submissive can carry on in dialogue with their Dominant.
  • 3B. – A submissive should always kneel (fall to their knees) when entering their Dominant’s presence and proceed to give their daily greeting ( see 3A. above)
  • 3C. When you see your Dominant come online immediately stop what you’re doing and go to your Dom or request to see your Dom/me to complete the (3A. above task.)
  • 3D. Unless instructed otherwise a submissive must always kneel at the entrance of the room that he/she is about to enter. Do not approach the Dominant. The purpose of a greeting is not only to check in/on your Dominant but to ask for permission to enter the presence of your Dom. Therefore kneel first and prepare your greeting ending it with a question asking the Dominant for permission to enter their presence. Only then should the submissive stand or (crawl) to the Dominant and kneel at their feet.
  • 3E. A submissives greeting should be sensual, polite, and submissive. It should have indications of both your mood and appearance. (i.e. your hair, eyes, your body be it nude or dressed, jewelry etc)
  • 3F. Once your Dominant grants you permission to enter the room or come closer you can carry on with regular conversation or continue on with emoting; based on what your Dom initiates.
  • 3G. When attending a public event a submissive should always greet the Dominants in the room first before other submissives or free persons.
  • 3H. Before greeting a free person in public ask your Dominant for permission to greet others life-styler’s or free person’s in a room FIRST. To avoid embarrassing your Dominant if you are not sure of how to address S/someone, either ask your Dominant privately in IMs or do a general greeting (i.e. “Greetings E/everyone” or “Greetings A/all.”)
  • 3I. Whenever your Dominant takes a seat be it at home or in public, always kneel at your Dominant’s feet when He/She sits down. Do not wait to be told or asked to do so.
  • 3J. A submissive never kneels with his/her back facing their Owner or Dominant unless told to do so at an open discussion where there is a speaker and E/everyone is facing a center point of the room.


Best Regards Sir S.G.
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