Seeking Bloggers!

The S.A.Q. Blog was founded in June of 2016. The purpose of the S.A.Q. Blog is to provide the many “kinksters” of Secondlife with a blog that caters to them. We sympathize with all alternative life-stylers on the grid that spend their precious Linden dollars each year to try new things out for the first time often without a ‘beta tester’ for them. This method costs consumers a lot of time and money thus leading to frustration. We are thrilled about our new endeavor and eager to share it with the masses. We are patient but awaiting the day when every kinkster in Secondlife has the name S.A.Q. on their lips!

Our Purpose

The S.A.Q. blog has only a single purpose. That purpose is to aid and assist the BDSM Life-stylers, Goreans as well residents that are into Steampunk, both Traditional & Elegant Gothic fashions find the best stores and designers that Secondlife has to offer.

Types of Items Reviewed/Blogged

  • Sensual Poses
  • Dom/sub Poses
  • Sex Furniture with (Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Poly)
  • Lovemaking Tools (Strap-ons, Cocks, Vaginas and other Genitalia)
  • Sex HUDs
  • Hairs & Headdresses
  • Leather & Latex (Clothing, Shoes & Accessories)
  • BDSM Dungeon Equipment
  • BDSM Multi-purpose Building Structures
  • BDSM Furniture
  • BDSM Accessories (rlv, toys, gadgets)
  • Fetish Wear (Fishnets, Stockings, Gloves, Facial Attachments, Make-up)
  • Gothic (Objects & Fashion)
  • Steampunk (Objects & Fashion)
  • Adult*RP (Props, Costumes and Accessories) and more

The Public Rating System

This feature is for our readers and followers to chime in on the reviewing process. The items tagged “Public Rating Ad” are advertisements created by the designer. S.A.Q. shares them with the public, boosting their sales review with just a click! Anyone can rate a Public Rating Ad. Visitors can rate each item only once, so make it count. We encourage voters to only rate what they own to ensure the accuracy of quality. Ads that have the highest rating will be listed in the top rated section on the front page.

Hiring/Jobs (exp required)

We are hiring writers to review items weekly. Staff members are volunteers with a commitment to the cause. If you would like to contribute to this movement please contact Malachi Vadim Sr. via Facebook for more information.

Advertising Opportunities

  • BDSM Education Facilities
  • BDSM Themed Events & Fairs
  • BDSM RP/ Forced Fantasy Sims & Residential
  • BDSM Equipment & Furniture Stores
  • Fetish Themed & Dark Styled Clothing and Accessory Stores
Are you a store owner or designer of “dark” things? For more information please contact us via instant message.We look forward to working with you! Together let’s shed light on the wonderful world of eroticism in Secondlife!
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